Bottom Fish Guide

Hawaii Bottom Fishing Guide And Identification Images

Our Captain and crew have over 25 years combined experience fishing Hawaiian waters

Up to 14 anglers, plus additional riders in comfort. We catch many different Hawaiian Bottom Fish including: snappers, Hawaiian groupers, trevally, barracuda, amberjack, and many other types of Hawaiian bottomfish. As an added bonus we troll for tuna, mahi-mahi, and other pelagic species between bottom fishing areas.

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The most highly valued of the deep-water bottomfish species in Hawaiʻi are. 

Onaga (longtail snapper),Etelis coruscan

(pink snapper), Pristipomoides filamentosus

Ehu (squirrelfish snapper), Etelis carbunculus.

Gindai (Brigham’s snapper), Pristipomoides zonatu

Hapuʻupuʻu (Seale’s grouper, Hawaiian grouper), Hyporthodus quernus

Kalekale (Von Siebold’s snapper), Pristipomoides sieboldii

Lehi (silverjaw snapper), Aphareus rutilans

The ‘ōpakapaka and onaga are the most sought after by fishermen and highly prized by chefs for their premium texture and mild flavor.